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Take a look around the room you are sitting in. Are you
surrounded by a canvas of gray and beige? Could your
space use a pop of color to make it feel lively or more
relaxing? Perhaps some celadon in the bedroom or
bath to help set a tranquil tone or daffodil in the kitchen
or dining room to radiate joy and create welcome
environment. If you’d like to update your interiors in a
way that’s a bit more inventive than adding some throw
pillows or updating your window treatments, try one
of the following five unexpected ways to add a splash of

1. Consider artwork for your floor. An area rug in a
beautiful floral, color block, or ombre is a piece of art
you can walk on. It visually anchors the room and can
define an area based on its placement. But don’t limit a
gorgeous rug to the floor; if you find one you fall in love
with, we encourage you to hang it on the wall as art.

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2. Wallpaper as art. Have you ever fallen in love with a
wallpaper pattern, but felt it was too much for an entire wall? A great solution is to frame it with decorative trim
and make it into a piece of art. You can also use wallpaper
to add interest to back of your built-ins or shelving

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3. Painted or colored upholstered dining room chairs
or bar stools. Swap natural wood tones for brightly
painted or upholstered chairs. This pop of color will
be totally unexpected and bring a sense of fun into the
space. For an even more festive approach, select chairs
in different colors, they don’t all have to match.

4. Graphic paint designs. This is a small investment
with big impact. From slim and bold stripes to chevron
or floral patterns, a custom paint design will create a
“wow” focal point within a room. These work particularly
well in rooms with large expanses of wall space as
an alternative to artwork. Or if you prefer something
more subtle, paint your window trim or wainscoting in
your favorite hue.

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5. Colored light fixtures. Make a color statement with a set of pendant lights over your kitchen island or with wall
sconces in the bathroom. This is a great way to introduce a little color within a room. You will also find that this
draws the eye up, which is very effective in dark or small spaces.
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