The Styleprint Design System Book, by Karen Powell


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There are so many reasons to update your living space . . . The desire often is initiated by an event:

  • You are moving to a new home;
  • There is a baby on the way;
  • The children are grown and finally out of the house;
  • A wedding;
  • Parent(s) are aging and are moving in . . .

Or its just time—nothing has been done in 7 – 12 years and your surroundings are wearing with no pizazz.

The exciting, creative process can quickly get out of hand if you are not ready for it.

The Styleprint™ Design system simplifies everything and helps you each step of the way. The Styleprint brings your unique design preferences to life by evaluating your space, identifying what exactly is not working for you, and then setting goals to improve it.

With the help of the Decor&You Styleprint™ Design system, you can create the living space of your dreams.