The Styleprint™ Design system evolved as a methodology for me and others I was training and working with, to assist our clients to have space to love.

My initial introduction to the industry was as an art consultant and then an accessory designer.  As I worked with people on these smaller projects– to help them finish or change up a room–  they would often comment when we were finished hanging the Art about how much of a difference hanging even one piece of art made in a room.  They would smile and then begin to look at their room and wonder out loud about what other changes might bring to the overall look, feel, and function of the room.

Their commitment to this small project had them seek out a professional to assist.  The
professional gave them courage to take a step recommended by the professional (in their area of expertise which is also known as their capability).  The results were better than expected (from the client’s view) and thus gave them confidence to look for the next step.

That is what  the Styleprint™ Design System grew out of — the cycle above.

When you look at the wheel of decorating and integrate it with the cycle above, that is the proprietary methodology of the Styleprint™ Design System.