What is it?

A distinctive look, created from your personal design dreams, that’s all you!  This is all without overlooking functionality.

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants their space to not only function, but to also look good and feel good, too!


A do-it-yourself person can follow the system to enhance their capabilities in decorating design.


A do-it-for-me person will be better able to understand the sequencing and all of the complexity that goes into completing a successful decorating project.  They will want someone to tackle the project as it is more than they are interested in undertaking.


A do-it-with-me person can work with their designer with a greater understanding of how design and logistics intermingle. They will be able to identify the parts that their input is critical and the parts that they want to do and what they want to hand off.


Why should I do it?

The Styleprint Design System will enhance not only the look and feel of your space, but also the functionality.  You will be able to decorate to a new level– and thereby increase your enjoyment and value of your space.

Short-term benefits.

Space to love!  It looks good, feels great with functionality for your needs and wants.  The space invites you in– it makes you smile the moment you lay your eyes on it.  It enhances your feelings of well being and being cared for.  You want to invite others over to spend time with them In your space or you can relax or work, whatever your pleasure!

Long-term benefits.

Continued benefit of enjoying your space.  Increased positivity and good feelings associated with your space rather than having anxiety about unfinished projects, or negative feelings about your Home to the point where you might feel you have to move.  this emotional value is priceless.  The added satisfaction with your home adds to its investment value– you get more out of the $ you invested And that is always a wonderful thing.  It will add to the sell ability  of your home and help it to sell more quickly.


The process includes 5 steps:

  1. The Styleprint  Discovery.
    In this step you identify your decorating challenges, preferences and priorities.  You will utilize worksheet # 1:  The Focus Step to assist you with what you want to accomplish, your vision of what the completed project will look like and the results you will achieve.
  2. The Style Success Survey.
     Worksheet #2:  Evaluate your space, master plan and investment worksheet.  This step has you review all aspects of your room to determine what works, what is missing or may need replacing and an investment range that you are willing to commit to solving this dilemma.
  3. Creating Your  Possibilities.
    Worksheet #3:  Your Styleprint Specifics based on what you have read and learned about Decorating Design, you will prepare 3 different plans for consideration.  This will include samples, photos, sketches, room arrangement plans all that point in the direction of uniquely solving your decorating dilemma.
  4. A Managed Makeover.
    Worksheet #4:  Action Plan.  Once you have selected a plan, one of your 3 options or a hybrid of those options, the next step is make a list of all things that will be required to do to get the plan in place.  Prioritize the plan.  Next execute.
  5. The Styleprint Showcase. 
    Worksheet #5:  Your Decor Experience Review.  It’s done!!!  How does it look?  How does it feel?  Does it function as you would like?  can you declare success?  Anything left to do?  Anything missed?  Next steps?  Time to enjoy!


Refund Policy

We want you to be delighted with your purchases related to The Styleprint® Design System, its products and services. If any of our offerings do not meet up to your expectations, please let us know at info@styleprintdesignsystem.com so that we can make it right either by correcting the situation, offering an alternative or refunding your purchase investment.

December 2015