Tackling Your Next Design Project: Turn Fear Into Action

If you’re starting or contemplating a decorating project, you’re bound to run into a few fears and limitations that may cause you to get stuck. Here are four great ways to stay motivated and moving ahead:

1. Enjoy the process of the project.
2. Stick to your plan, and avoid project creep
3. Set a realistic time frame to complete it.
4. Check your progress along the way.

Something to be aware of: a common source of comparison and expectation can come from the numerous TV decorating shows that are popular and fun to watch. Watching these shows are good news and bad news for your confidence in home decor improvement. First, the good news: they are inspiring. Wow! Look what can be done!

The bad news: the results the show gets are not nearly as simple, easy, and inexpensive as the producers would like you to think. Consider that they have an untold number of talented and experienced craftspeople working as a team. They have sponsors who donate materials and time. Their mission is to get your attention, and what they do might not necessarily have the same effect on your space.

We have also seen shows in which the owners end up underwhelmed because the decorators, wanting to surprise the owners, come up with a look without involving them. The result reflects someone else’s style and not the preferences and taste of the homeowners.

Tackle your decorating fears and channel them into a project that can be accomplished successfully! You’re not alone in achieving this, be sure to explore our site a number of free resources and information on our book, “The Styleprint Design System.”

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