Choose the Right Elements for Your Space

When planning a room, select the scale of furnishings that will enhance the room. If it’s a smaller room and you want it to look and feel bigger. Do things like:

• Go with lighter colors because lighter colors open up space and make walls recede

• Look for other ways to add light to the room since light creates the illusion that the room is bigger. (Conversely, less light pulls the room in and makes it feel cozier.)

• In addition, do not select over-stuffed upholstered pieces, massive-size furnishings, or extra-large tables.

Also, good design calls for an environment that supports the lifestyle of those living in it and gives them pleasure. Decorate for those who will be living in the space. This doesn’t mean it has to look shabby or unfinished – it can look as elegant as you want as long as it’s livable without constant fuss. Ultimately though, it must support the people who inhabit the space!

Design tip: challenge yourself be open to possibilities you might not have considered. Create one plan that is outrageously different from what you would usually go for. Ultimately, you’re going to select the one that you want, so dream a little!

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