The Styleprint Design System Difference


When you walk into a room that is decorated well, even if it’s not decorated in your personal style, it’s going to give you a good feeling, and you will find it easy to appreciate. When you walk into a room that is decorated in your style but does not follow good design principles, it will be unsettling, and you won’t be happy in it. You might enter the room, but you won’t want to stay.

I’ve compiled a guide that provides a series of steps that will help you “Styleprint” a desired space. It pays to create spaces that are pleasing and inviting to those who live in the house. The Styleprint Design System results in your unique combination of:

• color
• room arrangement/furnishings,
• patterns/solid/texture finishes and textiles,
• accessorizing,
• personal touches, and
• something for all the senses.

When you incorporate the elements of a Styleprinted room it:
• is visually pleasing;
• feels great … invites you in and begs you to stay;
• functions for what you need; and
• is all about you.

It’s important to note that when you take the time to go through the exercises provided in the Styleprint Design System—to think, analyze, evaluate, prioritize, plan, and implement—you may not end up with perfection, a perfect ten. And that is okay! Decorating and keeping your space so that those who live in it love it, it supports your lives, and it feels like “you” is a fluid process.

Some of it may for instance change seasonally, some of it may change every year or two (like updating personal photos and accessories), and some of it may just wear out and need to be replaced. What is most important is that your space brings a smile to your face. We are looking to increase your satisfaction with your space to a much higher level: the level of delight.

This process will be a labor of love; it’s your space, and it’s important that it reflects you. So, take the next step to a Styleprinted room that will leave you happy and satisfied. Pick up a copy here and be sure to visit our site for additional tips and resources.

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