Redecorating Your Home – Where Do You Begin?

You have to limit your choices at some point, or you won’t ever do anything. All you have to do is pick a spot and begin.

It’s simply a matter of selecting a direction. And just because we’re going in one particular direction doesn’t mean there won’t be many choices within that direction. So first, pick a place, and get started creating your space for enjoyment, something that you’re happy with.

When people ask what room to begin decorating in, I usually ask them, “ Where do you spend most of your time?”

First, determine your starting point. Is it a room that you want to decorate, or is it a category that you want to approach first? For example, if you decided to replace the windows in your home, you will want to review your window coverings, or if you are replacing flooring in more than one room, you will want to address that first.

Anywhere you decide to start, the critical thing to remember is that each choice is not totally independent, just the opposite. Each choice will have an effect on all other choices—new choices must be blended into the mix of past choices and will also affect the direction of future selections.

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