Integrating Your Personality Through Color in Your Décor

People’s color preferences have a lot to do with their own personality and lifestyle. People have preferences for color. Some people like blue; others don’t. Rarely will someone not like any of the hues of a particular color. For example, there will be shades or tints of blue that people prefer or dislike.


If you think of people who are very high energy, always on the go, with a lot of enthusiasm about life, you might expect their home to be filled with bright, vivid colors. And yet, when you see their house, it might lean toward calm, neutral, and serene colors. This could simply be because they have a high-energy job, and when they go home, their focus is on relaxation and rejuvenation. The colors must support that.


In creating your wow decor, pull all these ingredients together. Create a color palette uniquely for you, for a room, and for your home. For instance, the flooring in your home, no matter what material it is (be it carpet, hardwood, or tile), is of a particular color. That color becomes a thread that will be pulled into all of the other color themes within your home.


The color theme will be dispersed throughout the room. Everything has color: paint, wall coverings, textiles, floor finishes, cabinetry, countertops, and light fixtures. All of these items and their colors need to be pulled together so that they create continuity within all of the pieces of decor that make up the room. It’s like pulling together an orchestra of many different instruments. We don’t want one section of jazz and another of rock and roll, because, together, they will only sound like noise. The same can happen with colors. They can all look very disjointed and dysfunctional if they don’t flow.


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