Tip: Design Around the Elements in Your Room

As you prepare to design your room, be sure to note its components and unique features. Review the windows; other architectural features such as built-in cabinetry or moldings; and the material of the walls, floors, and ceiling.

You’ll want to evaluate what is working in your space by listing the specifics of different elements throughout the room. As an example, for floors, identify whether you have hardwood, carpet, tile, combination, or other. Also identify the color and any pattern or texture. If what exists must be replaced, make note of this as an area that needs replacing and how you want to replace it.

I have an excellent evaluation worksheet that helps walk you through this process to accurately assess your space. You can find this worksheet on my site here. As you go through the detail of the evaluation worksheet, you have the opportunity to better understand what has a direct effect on the décor outcome of the room.

One area you definitely need to design around is your walls. Walls make up a major portion of the decor in the room – they account for 60 percent of your decor. Even so, try to think of them in the context of a supporting role and not the lead. Keep this in mind as you allocate color, pattern, and texture. Whatever you choose to do here will have a huge impact on the final result of your room and how well it accomplishes your desired result.

As you evaluate this one element of your space, consider all of the different types of materials used for walls: drywall, plaster, paneling, stucco, tile, logs, glass, stone, brick, and upholstered, to name a few. Also consider the condition of the walls. Are they in need of repair, cleaning, or simply some cosmetic enhancements?

As you can see, a lot of time can and needs to be spent evaluating your space so you can optimize or change what you currently have. Be sure to explore www.styleprintdesignsystem.com and download the “Evaluate Your Space Worksheet” to help you get started. You’ll find more tips and information on our book, “The Styleprint Design System” as well!

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