Wow Décor: Bring Your Home Alive with Texture

We spend a lot of time talking about color and pattern and its importance in decorating a space, but there is another component that is just as critical, and that is texture. Without texture a room can feel flat and visually boring. Many people equate texture to fabric selection, when it’s actually applicable to the look and feel of any and all of surface. When you open your eyes and experience the textures of everything in your home, you can create a fantastic space that has depth, interest and feels alive.

Creating Textural Balance

A room with all smooth textures can feel cold and conversely a space full of rough finishes may feel overdone and cluttered. The key to success with texture is finding the balance between both.

Here are few examples of creating great balance:

  • Sleek wood flooring with a fuzzy, high pile rug. Or you could use an animal hide, though smooth to the touch, has great visual texture.
  • A wood dining table with rattan chairs.
  • A smooth leather sofa complimented with a granite or reclaimed wood table.

Textural Opportunities

Your walls offer a fantastic opportunity to add texture. You can do this with a paint finish, grass cloth wallpaper, ceramic tile, or even wood. And don’t forget your ceiling! A textured wallpaper on a ceiling looks fabulous with a crystal chandelier light.

Consider the lighting in your room, the finish of the fixture and the shadows and shapes that are reflected by it.

Accessories are the most cost effective ways to add texture. Pillows, throws, tablecloths, plants, even drawer and cabinet pulls are great options.

The artwork you choose for your walls should also compliment the other surfaces in your room. Consider metal pieces to add some shine or smoothness or a patterned area rug (yes you can hang it on your wall!) to bring in some visual depth.

This blog is just a taste of what you can do! Feeling inspired and don’t know where to start? Find your local Décor & You decorator and together we will create a space that inspires you and defines your sense of style.


Photo courtesy of Amy Boesen, Styleprint Designer.

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