How to Be Completely Satisfied with Your Design Project

One of the greatest concerns people have when undergoing a redecorating project is whether at the end of it they will be happy with the result given the time and resources they’ve invested. It’s your home, and you want it to look, feel, and function based on your personal preferences, not someone else’s. And you don’t want the result to miss the mark. 

To avoid being disappointed with the end result, you must take the time to ask yourself questions about your preferences and focus for the room, and you must think about your room in detail. If you are not clear on what you want, your result will be mediocre at best. How could it be any different? It takes time to carefully plan for what you want and to think things through.

When you’ve prepared and done the necessary planning, you will have nothing to worry about. In our book, “The Styleprint Design System” we provide the steps for a successful décor project, by helping you:

  1. Think about your space and imagine what you would like it to be
  1. Analyze your space (what works vs. what doesn’t) from three perspectives:
  • its intended function
  • its physical characteristics
  • your personal preferences
  1. Evaluate principles of good design:
  • light
  • color
  • arrangement within the walls
  • the details
  1. Evaluate options with respect to:
  • investment
  • complexity
  1. Be aware of fear factors and their impact on the project:
  • creating a plan
  • implementing the plan

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