Give Different Design Possibilities a Chance

It is necessary to take two concurrent paths to create and complete the room, home, or office that will make you want to say, “Wow! I love my space. It’s everything that I need and want!” 

The first path is the logistics sequence. This is where you identify the result you want and consider the options for achieving it.

The second path is good design according to accepted industry standards – this is where you drill down into the design elements, guided by your personal preferences. In our book, “The Styleprint Design System” we guide you through the specifics of these design elements. 

As a part of this process we recommend that individuals create three unique plans—three possibilities—for consideration. It’s always nice to say no to something because it validates the things you say yes to, resulting in less buyer’s remorse or thinking, “I should have…” For this to really work though, don’t just select the same old things that you always gravitate toward. Have at least one plan that is out of character for you. 

This is a great exercise to stretch your thinking a bit, and sometimes you will find something that is more enticing than you expected when it is paired with other things you are more comfortable with. Remember you do not have to choose it. You’re just giving yourself options as this point.

To learn more about the critical design elements, pick up a copy of “The Styleprint Design System” available for purchase here. Also, be sure to explore our site for additional free resources.

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