A Few Design Rules Regarding Color Placement…

Placement of color is as important as selecting the actual colors. I address a number of color placement guidelines in my book, “The Styleprint Design System”. There are many situations in which you will break the rules, but you must first become an expert in using the rules. The following are some general rules to consider:

• Walls are the largest visual area in a room. Flooring is second. Furnishings are third. Good design dictates that you would not have one color for the walls, another color for the floors, and another color for the furnishings.

• As a rule of thumb, the biggest area will have the least intense color and use the most intense color only as an accent.

• Usually, a color does not appear in just one place. The exception would be to use a unique color to call attention to a particular area or piece to make it “pop,” visually. It could be a vase on a table or a floral arrangement. It could be a piece of sculpture or something very dramatic that you want to be the focal point of the room.

An example of effective color placement would be to duplicate the wall color in the pillows on the sofa and in an accent piece on the table. Your eye would then travel from the wall to the pillows to the accent piece and around. It’s pleasing to the eyes and is yet another piece of the puzzle in creating a wow room.

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