Incorporating Quality Elements You Can Be Proud Of

Tackling a redecorating project can be overwhelming. Beyond planning budgeting and making high-level decisions, there are a number of decisions related to the details of the room. As these decisions are being made, quality is often an area where people are afraid to make a mistake.

There are many different levels of quality for every type of product in a decor plan. You may not want heirloom quality for your furnishings— something that you want to pass down from generation to generation. You also may not want “curbside” quality.

Curbside quality is made of inferior materials, often has harmful chemicals used in its production, and, typically, has a short life because it’s not well made. Ultimately, curbside furniture ends up being thrown out long before you are ready to replace it.

Design tip: Select the level of quality that’s appropriate with respect to your dollar investment, the longevity/durability you desire, and the healthful aspect of its production.

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