Personal Accessories – Don’t Overdo It

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When you come close to the end of your project, it’s time to incorporate accessories— the personal photos, candles, artifacts, collections, vases, figurines, and various other display items. These are the jewels of your decor and the ultimate in personalizing your space. As with all things in decor, there is an art and a science to these finishing touches. And there is a fine line between tasteful and cluttered.

Here are some things to do and not do:

• Do not overwhelm the room with personal photos and mementos. Select the highlights, and strategically place them in areas of prominence as background or intermingled with other items. Often a gallery wall of a collection of photos or an arrangement of photos on a table will do nicely. Do not overdo.

• Another tip for accessories is to create a treasure box or treasure trunk with a few things from the year. Edit these down so that you are not overwhelmed. After all, what will you really do with everything you keep? No one else will be as enamored with your stuff as you are, and is it so valuable that you want to pay to store it?

• Identify a theme for your accessories, and determine whether there is some seasonality to them. Do you like to change out your decor for holidays? And don’t forget to include potpourri or a variety of scented candles in your decor. Involving all of the senses is an important step and one that is often overlooked in decorating.

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