Luck Out with Odd Numbers

Series 2 - Post 10

Last week we talked about putting the final touches on a room with personal accessories that make the space “yours” and feel complete. We discussed some of the ways accessories c109
an be overdone as well as offered tips on how to do it properly. Part of this is remembering to group in odd vs. even numbers.

When grouping accessories in a room, such as on a table or mantel, odd numbers are the way to go – odd numbers fair better visually than even numbers. So use three candles or a grouping of three, five, or seven items on the mantel instead of two or four. The same goes for pillows.

Why odd numbers?

It’s a geometric thing, but the bottom line is that odd-number groupings always look better. That’s why candles often come in sets of three. So when you’re accessorizing, use one or three or five or seven items. When you want one of those items to be highlighted, put it more or less in the middle of the group (but actually a little above the middle).

Design tip: accessories don’t all have to be the same thing or the same color, but they do need to relate. Group them together so that they look as if they are a unit. You could put a candle, a vase, and a frame together as a grouping on a mantel.

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