The 5 Step Anatomy of a Décor Project

The anatomy of a decor project is a sequence of thoughts and actions that begin with something that is “off.” Some people call it a pain point. No matter how large or small, each project relies on the following steps that I’ve compiled, known as the Styleprint Design System:

Step 1: Styleprint Discovery
• Define what is “off,” and describe the problem it’s causing.
• Develop a vision of the desired end result.
• Form a diagnosis and ask what will correct it.
• Examine the physical space; outline personal preferences.

Step 2: The Style Success Survey
• Complete my survey designed to explore and confirm your original diagnosis.

Step 3: Possibilities Creation
• Research and prepare solutions in detail for consideration, ranked by personal criteria (a.k.a. treatment plan).
• Review solution options.
• Select a plan.

Step 4: The Managed Makeover
• Implement the plan details.
• Evaluate the solution: did you solve the problem?
• Repeat the steps until you are satisfied.

Step 5: The Styleprint Showcase
• Take photos, share, and enjoy.

When followed, these steps will help you identify the best projects to undergo, as well as help you thoroughly enjoy the end result. Get the ultimate guide – complete with worksheets to guide you through these steps – and pick up a copy of “The Styleprint Design System” available for purchase here.

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