How to Plan for the Time Needed for Your Design Project

People worry about how much time the project is going to take. It’s important to allow time for planning, for thinking through the project, for saying, “What is it that I really want this room to do for me? How will we use the room? How will it function? How will it feel? How will it look?”

It’s also important to understand the time it takes to complete the different aspects of the project. Will you need a painter? How long will it take to get on his/her schedule? How long will that piece of the project take? If you intend to do the painting yourself, how much time do you have to devote to it?

Look at your calendar. Schedule the project with some buffer time. Look at the sequencing of things that need to happen to complete the project and schedule that out. Think ahead and plan.

Review the plans and worksheets (if you’ve used our StylePrint exercises) you put together in the planning stages for your project. You may find some subtle aspects that are more important than you thought. You may also find some hidden to-dos that will eat up some time. Through planning and being realistic about how fast all the parts can be completed, you will have a better sense of how long the project will take. Be sure to build in some additional time to handle things that don’t go as smoothly as planned.

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