How to Evaluate Your Space for Your Next Décor Project


Let’s say you’ve decided you want to redecorate your home. A crucial first step is reviewing each aspect of the room through the lens of how well each detail supports the room’s function and how well the physical space and your personal preferences accommodate the desired function—not how much you like each part of the room but how well each part supports or does not support the overall function you desire.

As you conduct your evaluation in the rooms you plan to work on, consider how well the arrangement of furnishings works in relationship to the scale of the room and its function. Do you need different or more pieces to enhance the function? Eventually, you will draw a room arrangement plan to establish which size of furniture will work and to make sure you can move about easily.

Also, be sure to critically review the overall aesthetics and the look and feel of the room. Does the room make you smile? Does it invite you in? Make some notes about how it makes you feel and how much it appeals to your aesthetic sense. Later, you will consider options for completing the look of your space.

This is very similar to enhancing the look of a little black dress: it’s a nice enough dress as it is, but when you see it accessorized, it transforms into “Wow! I need that!” Once you have completed your analysis, determine whether you are ready and willing to make any of the major changes. You want to complete these first.

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