A Design Hidden Treasure: Wall Coverings


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Wall covering has come a long way…I think of it as a hidden treasure.

Using a wall covering doesn’t mean you have to cover all four walls. In a bedroom it could just be on the wall behind the bed. A nice headboard can extend that look and make the entire wall a focal point, heightening the appeal. Or the covering could be on all four walls and the ceiling as well. (A great place to do that is in a powder room.) This adds a nice touch to the look and feel of a room. If you have a room with a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, having a wall covering going up the ceiling adds to the visual impact of the room.

If a room has an architectural feature that you want to highlight, think about how wallpaper could complement it. Imagine pairing up a wall covering with lighting, such as a chandelier, in a master bath or powder room. This is the epitome of small indulgences.

Wall covering can also provide the inspiration for a room’s decor. In my dining room the wallpaper was the inspiration for the rest of the room. In other scenarios however, the inspiration can be a fabric that becomes part of the furniture, pillows, or window treatments.

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