How Finishes Help Create a Finished Feel


Did you know…your walls and floors account for 60 percent of your décor? Keep this in mind as you allocate color, pattern, texture and finishes. Whatever you choose to do here will have a huge impact on the final result of your room and how well it accomplishes your desired result.

In some rooms, particularly kitchens and bathrooms, there are additional surface finishes that will add to your personal decor style. Granite countertops are more prevalent than they were 30 years ago since their cost has decreased. Laminates, which are least expensive, are another option, and then there are materials such as Caesarstone, Corian, marble, tile, and natural wood.

The primary consideration with all of the finishes is that your choices coordinate and blend well together. No choice is isolated. This is especially true when it comes to color. Everything has a color. You either start with a finish that you love and build the rest of the room around it, or you find a finish that complements the room.

For a room to be considered “well designed,” everything in the room—all the colors, patterns, and textures—must flow together.

In addition—and this is critical—think about the care and maintenance of the items you choose. Will you have to treat the item once a month? Once a year? Never? How do you clean it? How do you maintain it? What if something spills on it? Does it scratch easily? It’s important to learn about the care that will be required and to select materials that match your level of willingness to care for them and will be durable, depending on how you use them—much like clothing.

This will also be important with respect to the resale value of your home. Whatever you choose must wear well so that at the time of sale it’s not looking shabby and worn. Additionally, how will a potential buyer react to the level of care required?

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